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Friday, June 22, 2012

> top 10 travel destinations

i love to travel and discover new places. i love to eat local food, and shop to my hearts content. i love bringing back small things to put in my house, so everytime i see it, it reminds me of my experience in that certain place. i also love to travel in a small group of friends, like maybe 5 at max, more than 5 becomes a bit to stressful for me.

so here is a list of places i want to go to in the next 2 years:

1. nyc, boston, washington DC
i have been wanting to go to NYC since 2009, but alas i have only booked my flight for the trip this october 2012. it's been delayed for 3 years, but its better late than never, right?! i am flying with mechie and selwyn.

2. australia.
i would love to spend a month in AUS and go around the country, like melbourne, gold coast, brisbane, canberra, and of course sydney. my friend, sarah is getting married in sydney next year - feb 2013, and i think it would be the perfect time to go. i am going with sid, helen and satya.

3. west coast, USA - like las vegas, los angeles and san francisco.
but to top the list, it would really be SFO. i heard that the city itself is beautiful. i cannot wait to come and visit. romina, one of my college friends is already based there, so it might be the perfect time to go.

4-6. a lot of european countries i want to see and on top of my list - spain, italy, portugal.
i'd like to spend a lot of time traveling around EU, especially italy and spain, i want to be able to visit certain cities and not just the capital. hopefully, i would have more time in my hands.

7-8. turkey and greece.
it has been my dream to visit this 2 countries together. my cousin mechie has actually been and she was telling me of how beautiful istanbul and capadoccia is.

9. nepal
nepal has enchanted me for quite some time already, but i never had the guts to go there still. i know paulo wants to go here too, and maybe next time i should travel with him.

10. dubai
i want to see dubai and some other cities in the UAE. i want to see the sand dunes, do some major shopping, etc. :)


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Blogger Craig Harrison said...

I like this post we both have nearly the same dreams number 3 on your list would be top of mine

4:48 AM  

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